Gemological Science International (GSI) Introduces Its Unique Mobile Diamond Grading Lab (MobiLabTM ) for the South India Gems & Jewelry Industry

March 07, 2017— Gemological Science International (GSI) one of the largest Gemological laboratories in the world participates at the 13th edition of GJIIE (Gems and Jewelry India International Exhibition) a mega B2B event in Chennai.

At this premier industry platform (GSI) is proud to announce its cutting edge service offerings for the south Indian jewelry market. GSI’s fully-owned laboratory in Thrissur, Kerala is offering grading of loose diamonds, diamond jewelry grading, QA services, preliminary services customized for different customers and different situations via its unique Mobile lab. (MobilabTM)

One of the major concerns that jewellery retailers have is the issue of safety of their jewelry and cumbersome logistics while moving it out of their showroom for certification. There is also an additional concern of non-availability of goods in their showroom for the duration of certification. The answer to these concerns is GSI’s “Unique Mobile Diamond Grading Lab”, in which the GSI team of trained graders will visit the client’s premises and grade their jewelry on-site.

The GSI laboratory in Thrissur Kerala, undertakes grading and pre-sorting of all sizes of diamonds. The laboratory offers accurate customized reports in different formats with competitive pricing.

“India is a crucial market for our business and GSI actively participates in industry events for maximum outreach to the end- customers.  With GJIIE participation, we are looking forward to spread the word about our laboratory services in South India that holds an important market for our business.” says Mark Gershburg CEO, Gemological Science International. (GSI)

Part of GSI’s success in India is its keen understanding of the growing domestic jewelry market.  The composition of the Indian retail market is unique- calling for a very specific trade model.  Considering the physical location factors GSI has fully –serviced laboratories close to the diamond cutting/ polishing and jewelry centers.

In India GSI is also actively involved in working with polishing facilities, consulting with cutters and actively interacting with other organizations to coordinate educational programs and grading services. Proximity to polishing facilities and other industry infrastructure provides a valuable competitive benefit to the business.

About GSI

About Gemological Science International (GSI):

Gemological Science International (GSI) is the only major gemological body established in the 21st century. Founded in 2005 in New York City, it provides reliable gemstone identification and grading services, is engaged in gemological research, and also offers a variety of educational programs to help prepare the new generation of professional graders.

GSI is proud to offer gemological services that are reliable, efficient, and convenient on a global scale by working in close proximity to our clients. Therefore, it has grown to become one of the largest gemological entities in the world with offices spanning four continents

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