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Oroarezzo 2017, Organised by Italian Exhibition Group



An increase of more than 10% in foreign operators who participated in the Event. IEG has developed OROAREZZO into a veritable platform for the international promotion of Made in Italy jewellery within the Italian trade fair system for the sector

Arezzo, May 9th 2017 – The 38th edition of OROAREZZO has drawn to a close, with a rise in foreign operators. The first edition to be managed by Italian Exhibition Group SpA (IEG), following the agreement signed with Arezzo Fiere e Congressi Srl, defining a unified organisation for the Italian gold smithery-jewellery sector headed by IEG. An agreement which has enhanced OROAREZZO already from this 2017 edition, sold out in terms of exhibition spaces, international buyer numbers, featuring an array of institutional relations and a rich programme of events.

OROAREZZO ends today and, during the 4 Event days, it has seen an overall rise in visitor numbers, with an increase of over 10% in the number of foreign operators, including 450 international buyers from 60 Countries hosted with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE). Visitors were able to discover excellent products belonging to 650 brands, 94% of which were Italian, representative of all the major Italian gold smithery districts (Arezzo, Vicenza, Valenza, Torre del Greco, Florence, Milan). 75% of exhibitors were gold smithery companies, 13% were machinery companies and 12% cash & carry companies.






  • Hong Kong’s Top Brand Coronet® collaborates with internationally renowned jewelry designer and diamond painter Reena Ahluwalia to launch CORONET BY REENA diamond collection at Baselworld 2017.
  • Additional to the diamond collection, on exclusive view will be Reena Ahluwalia’s 4-feet hyper-realistic Coronet® diamond painting.

 Basel, Switzerland (March 15, 2017) – Hong Kong’s top brand Coronet® of Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. is known for innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. In the past two editions of Baselworld, Coronet® presented the Coronet Diamond Guitar and Coronet Gemstone Guitar, the two Guinness World Records setting artifacts that inspired imagination. This year, Coronet® is proud to unveil their partnership with award-winning Canadian jewelry designer and painter, Reena Ahluwalia, by launching ‘Coronet By Reena Ahluwalia’ line.

Chaumet 230 Years of tradition

The story of Chaumet, the first Parisian jeweller opened in Place Vendôme started in 1780.

Marie-Etienne Nitot, the founder of Chaumet, became the official jeweller of Emperor Napoleon. Embarking on his career by working with Auber, the jeweller to Queen Marie-Antoinette, Nitot earned his reputation as the “jeweller of the tiara” in those early commissions when Nitot created the coronation crown for Napoleon. The Empress Josephine appeared at the resplendent coronation in a tiara created by Nitot, and so the story began. He created crowns, jewels and individual pieces for Empress Josephine and then Empress Marie-Louise. The skills of the craftsmen of the atelier passed down from generations to generations constitute the proof of the creativity and perfections describing the house.


MOISEIKIN creates most luxurious and inspirational jewelleries and souvenirs. Specialising in glyptography, MOISEIKIN strives to achieve flawless quality and state-ofthe-art technologies that command attention, build emotion, and include surprising secret elements while reviving time-honoured Russian craftsmanship.

Viktor Moiseikin launched his eponymous fine jewellery brand in 1993 inspired by Russian jewellery traditions, a passion for colourful natural stones and a great desire to express his own original ideas. His curiosity and passion with art and gemstones was cultivated at young age by his grandfather, a known sculptor and architect in Russia. He introduced young Viktor to Russian art, philosophy and culture. However, his interest in gemstones was nurtured by his geologist father.
At the age of 19, while he was still studying engineering and physics, Viktor founded a work shop formerly known as Magic Crystal. He began carving special objects and sculptures from gemstones. His thoughtfulness, excellent workmanship and imaginative designs quickly launched his stellar career and earned him international acclaim. Today Moiseikin employs over 200 artists, craftsmen and goldsmiths who pour their souls and talents into creating gemstone and jewellery items which convey and advance Russian Luxury.

Fine Jewelleries

MOISEIKIN deliveres feelings of artists that see in nature and ladies. Each creation is unique with little hidden surprise, emotional and mysterious. Presently, the artists’ magic hands make astounding, one-ofa- kind things by combining classical craftsmanship methods, high-quality stones of many colours, innovative settings and state-of-the-art designs. In Vincent Van Gogh collection, for example, they have managed to convey the authentic spirit of his very peculiar paintings. A combination of oriental and occidental styles adds harmony to the interaction of the gold filigree and play of colours.

Starry Night
What time is more romantic than midnight when it is still and peaceful on earth, and nothing prevents from listening to brillian stars on the sapphire sky! This magic time inspired MOISEIKIN to create exquisite jewelleries that make a woman wearing them a Star Queen. And even swirling golden clouds can not cover the glamorous fire of the night- sky diamonds, inviting and promising to reveal all the riddles of the Universe. But the main riddle- the Woman’s Beauty, is strengthened by the opulent “Starry Night”inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.




Play of colours, sweet tones and gradients a mysterious natural phenomenon embodied in gold and diamonds. The precious pattern draws the eye again and again inducing to unravel the mystery of amazing auroras.





A dynamic gemstone performance “Waltzing Brilliance” MOISEIKIN has invented the innovative Jewellery setting which enables the stone to freely rotate in the setting while releasing the light over the facet. This innovation brings more opportunities to designers to create the new surface and sparkle. Inspired by the modern Russian ballet every jewellery set in the “Waltzing Brilliance” makes a graceful yet dynamic gemstone performance. This innovation is currently patented in Russia, the US, China and Europe.


Haute Horlogerie

Following and developing the traditions of Carl Faberge MOISEIKIN surpassed the ingenious teacher. The figurines carved from semiprecious stones or made in the 3D mosaic technique are luxurious interior decorations by themselves. But combined with the designer’s clock mechanism they are authentic masterpieces worth inheriting through generations. The unicity of the clock mechanism is in its horizontal layout, precise calculation and state-of- the- art materials of the clock mechanism parts.  One manual winding with the gold key, ensures eight-days work. Honing their skills on interior sculptures craftsmen from MOISEIKIN created several haute horlogerie compositions. Objet d’Art Horn of Plenty Interior Jewel Clock Inspired by the ancient Greek mythology, the Garden of Eden,  the second to none Jewel clock was made with over 4,500 pieces of natural gemstones and pearls, bringing life to the heavenly paradise. The lustrous nautilus horn intertwined with leaf motif gold work is filled with plenty of fruits
and flowers thoroughly. The lively orchid flowers are carved from crystal quartz and unconventionally mounted with colour sapphires, fancy tourmalines and amethyst, diffusing sweet and exotic odors. The clock, a work of engineering masterpiece, rotates horizontally on a circular jade stand that ticks the way into your hearts. This Horn of Plenty Interior Jewel Clock is the 3rd of its limited series and the first piece is now at the presidential residence in Russia after several international expositions.

Brooches are Back in Fashion

The star pieces of this year will be flamboyant, plain or minimal, namely any kind of brooches. Fashion designers bring back onto the windows the brooches which we thought to be out-dated. It seems that many of the reputable jewellery maisons
from Chanel to Dior, Cindy Chao to Lydia Courteille, from Tiffany to Chaumet have caught this trend. Previously used to enliven jackets or to merge shawls and cardigans, brooches go beyond the routine to accompany all kinds of clothes this season. They will possibly be seen on the collars of shirts or jumpers, hats, bags and even shoes.

Trend Collections

Cactus de Cartier

Combined with geometrical cuts, each gem in Cactus de  Cartier is transformed into an  object of desire. The collection featuring various assertive pieces from rings, earrings to collars and bracelets are formed using diamonds, lapis lazuli and emeralds.

Lydia Courteille Enthrals with Topkapı Collection

Lydia Courteille is a Paris-born gemmologist, an antique jewellery specialist and a jewellery designer putting her signature under extraordinary collections. Her free spirit, cheer and courage know no limits. Courteille who has brought more than thirty collections into life up to now is inspired for her last collection by the magnificent Topkapı Palace, a subject to various movies, poems and books. As a Turkey lover, she says that she uses Topkapı Palace as a starting point to explore the Orient history.