The international group of women in the jewelry and watchmaking industry, Mujeres Brillantes, has just over a year since its founding. During this time, the organization has achieved worldwide recognition. On this occasion, within the framework of the Annual Meeting of Mubri, members of the distinguished group traveled to participate in the Fair of VicenzaOro.

The space in Italy gave room to applaud Mubri’s achievements and to present future projects for 2018. Led by the president, Ali Pastorini, this meeting greatly strengthened the mission of these women. The participation of Pastorini was characterized by a strong speech where she expressed that the industry will not change course if the women do not modify their mentality and their way of positioning themselves professionally. She also spoke about the evolution of Mubri and demonstrated the rapid growth of the group worldwide.

In the event, there were also individual presentations by representatives of each of the countries that make up Mubri and the exchange of experiences resulted in plans for 2018 that include the participation of the commercial, educational, social and governmental sector. The need for alliances in the market brought to the table the discussion of Business Relationship to strengthen the presence of the group in the market.

Additional results include the opening of a new chapter in Italy, becoming the eighth country to join Mubri. This new chapter accompanies Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Portugal and Turkey in the mission for the empowerment of women in the goldsmith industry.

“I am very happy with the commitment each member showed during the encounter, it was a great learning experience for everyone and an excellent opportunity to show that when women work together for the same goal, we are invincible,” said Pastorini. “We will not wait for the industry to decide when it is time to recognize women, we are already implementing regional and international actions for 2018 that will empower us.”

In addition to Mubri members, Corrado Facco, General Director of the Vicenza Fair, was present, and offered a few words about the advantages of similar encounters like VicenzaOro, the importance of networking and the alliance with Mujeres Brillantes for future occasions.

Associations from Colombia and Portugal also attended with the purpose of evaluating potential projects with Mubri.

Although the venue for the next Annual Meeting of Mujeres Brillantes has not been defined, some proposals are already being considered. Undoubtedly, the women members of this group are pioneers in an important mission on women’s empowerment. Every one of them has in their hands a success story with a promising future worth following. Contact :



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